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Tri-County Pediatrics was founded in the year 1986 and earned its name by serving the three main counties of Henry, Fayette, and Clayton.  Two caring physicians, Dr. Lucila Velez and Dr. Sushila Mathew, joined their efforts and expertise with a vision of a bright future and created the strong foundation of what this practice has become today.  In 2011 the practice grew when an opportunity to open a third location in Fayette County .

The physicians in our practice have an educational background which spans 5 decades, offering the priceless combination of years of experience with up-to-date training and knowledge.  Dr. Purna Chadalawada, Dr. Gerren Ector, Dr. Manjit Singh and Dr. Kathie Brichant joined with Dr. Velez and Dr. Mathew  and together these physicians have worked for several years creating an outstanding practice which has maintained a warm family atmosphere. Just recently, two new physicians joined the Tri-County Pediatrics practice group, Dr. Olena VanWonterghem and Dr. Sridevi Gowravaram. These physicians have brought a fresh perspective which will help open the doors to new possibilities.

With our three main locations in Riverdale, Stockbridge and Fayetteville we serve a diverse patient population of Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern and South Asian ancestry.  Our physicians are multi-lingual and converse fluently with patients in English, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujrati and Hindi.  Our physicians and nurses are also greatly involved in community health fairs and other forms of social service.

Tri-County Pediatrics has been skilled in using electronic medical records since the year 2000 and we continually strive to incorporate the latest technology into our practice.  We always abide with HIPAA patient confidentiality, and respect each patient and their family, tailoring healthcare to meet their individual needs.Our clinics have separate waiting areas for sick and well children.  Our friendly staff and nurses have been a part of the Tri-County Pediatrics family for several decades and are deeply committed to our special mission of supportive and nurturing patient care.

We are confident that our practice will continue to meet the special and important needs of all our patients. Tri-County Pediatrics will always work in a partnership with parents and families and strive to keep children’s minds and bodies healthy so they may grow and seek a bright and exciting future for themselves and our world.